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    First time buyer needs help! 123-reg

    I was wondering if someone who has used before could help me out-
    I am thinking of registering a domain with them, and getting their Starter hosting pack, but there seems to be lots of hidden things, asteriks and such, could someone tell me what their actual prices will be in the end?
    I mean with everything on, registration costs, set-up fees and whatever, how much would this cost for 1 year?
    Thanks a lot!

    P.S. If someone can suggest a better host, I am looking for a very cheap service, I'm not too worried about features and such, just some web space and a address. Thanks!

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    A 2 year will cost about 6 at 123-reg . I use them and there great with super fast support

    Cannot comment on the hosting side as Ive only used them for domain registering.


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    Thanks, I think I will go with them for the domain and Ripple Host for the hosting.

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    Call them on the phone if you have some questions we get calls all the time for questions. I always suggest this before making a decision.

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