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Thread: Cisco 2950

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    Cisco 2950

    The planet suggested we use the Cisco 2950 switch with our 1/3 rack (12u). We are going to ship about 10 1U servers, and will be purchasing the Cisco 2950 12 port.

    Is it safe to run 10 1U servers on this switch, or will there be noticable performance issues? If anyone has their own experiences with this switch, please let me know.
    Jon Rhoads, [email protected]

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    You should be fine. The backplane of the switch should support a constant switching speed of 100mbps over all ports. Unless you plan on pushing 100mbps, your only problem is scalability. 10 servers + uplink to dc/firewall and that dosnt add much room to add more servers later.


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    This should be just fine. You paid for the cisco hardware, you'll get cisco quality. The 2950 has a gigabit port on it as well, IIRC. Make sure you keep it updated with the latest IOS, and make backups of your configs.
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    Thank you. Well it's only a 12 U rack, making 2 U for the switch, 10U for the servers. So when we decide to ship more servers, we'll just ship another switch. At that time we might go with the 24 port and the 22U (1/2 rack).

    Thank you for your replies. I'm new to co-location and have been doing dedicated hosting for over a year. Every little bit of information helps.
    Jon Rhoads, [email protected]

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    I'm reasearching this more and it looks like there are about 8-10 different models of the Cisco 2950. I'm assuming I need one that has the two uplink ports?

    The price difference between C2950-24 (24-port 10/100BaseTX) and the C2950C-24 (24-port 10/100BaseTX with 2 fixed 100BaseFX ports) is almost $600.

    I'm hosting at the planet on a 12 U (1/3 cabinet). I'm assuming my 2 HSRP's will plug into the uplinks, meaning I will need to purchase the $1200 switch instead of the $600 switch?
    Jon Rhoads, [email protected]

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