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    We are currently seriously considering taking on a new employee to help with support tickets on our auction software.

    Support tickets are submitted using Perl Desk so everything is in one place and you need not contact clients directly.

    Around 4-5 support tickets are lodged per day. Most of which are niggly bugs etc.

    We have found that our other Business interests are suffering as a cause of dealing with these support tickets.

    The support guy will need PHP experience and be used to fixing bugs. The successful applicant will also need to be good with our clients, polite and professional at all times and also aim to complete tickets within 2-3 working hours.

    Above all else the applicant needs to have an honest reputation. Our time on WHT has lead us to believe the majority of the ppl on here are just that. This alone prompted us to advertise on here rather than eLance.

    Payment would be based on per ticket rather than monthly wage as we have only just launched the software. Although itís selling on average 2 copies per day.

    If you are interested please contact us with your CV and expected cost per ticket.

    We are also looking to build a working relationship with a quality PHP programmer who can work on projects received by our clients. If your interested in this please email.

    Many thanks


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    You are not accepting emails from the board and you did not post an email address to send one to... I'm in the proccess of pming you...

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