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    Question Mega Bandwidth???

    I have a client that I'm helping out with some sponsored hosting. Yesterday they posted some files that many people started downloading and swallowed some major bandwidth. 65GB in one day to be exact.

    Please recommend a hosting provider that provides cheap plans with mega amounts of bandwidth. Preferably someone that has some positive reviews.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    BTW - I hope this is in the correct forum.

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    eesh.. thats a lot of bandwidth.
    go buy a dedicated 1000mbps for 1k a month.
    not a bad deal =)

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    a dedicated server wll be much better in this case. Preferably a 10Mbps server. - Quality Web Solutions That Work!
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    I think this will be a short term solution since the bandwidth should decrease in about a week but I don't want to slow my server for that long.

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    actually, check out for a dedicated server. I dont think there is a bandwidth limit. but i could be wrong.

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    Yeah, whatever solution you choose, be sure that it supports a high burstable speed so that all visitors needs are met during this high load times.
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    65GB in one day to be exact
    If it were sustained that works out to 2000 Gb/mo...most dedis sell 1000 Gb with each server. You will also find the same provider offering 2000 Gb servers...but they are in the $200+ range.

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