hey there, just thought id let you all know how im getting on with my dedicated at hostany.com

Well, as some may of read, it was a dodgy start, i ordered my server, didnt know where to go, as There was new ownership, i got no contact to let me know where my server was, and i was sitting about wondering who to contact to find out, but after a few helpfull people on WHT told me i could contact Emil, Everythings been great, hes been very helpfull, and ive not had one problem ive noticed with the server, im not using the server an awfull lot, not been using its resources to the extreme or anythng like that, just been hosting a few sites, but its all been great,

Id Recommend these servers to anybody now. been very happy with them, and been withthem just over a month now. and the support from Emil is great.
Thanks Emil