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    Question What do you look for out of a search engine?

    Results, indexing of non html content, better ranking, open ranking (so you know what/why your rank is where it is) or?

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    PLEASE specify a font for your search results pages, and make the next button a link like a normal engine
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    when i searched "google" i got every result imaginable except for

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    From the perspective of someone getting their site out there? OR from the perspective of a user searching for information? From the latter, I'd say yes indexing of content besides html, ability to view it as HTML if I don't feel like opening Acrobat for PDF (like Google provides), and probably most importantly search relevancy. This last one is obviously the toughest, what's relevant to one person may not be relevant to another for a specific set of keywords but i like the 'more like this' feature which helps.

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