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    osCommerce, easy to use default set up?

    I believe I've decided to go with jaguarPC for hosting. They say they include osCommerce, which i know is free but was hoping it already comes installed.

    My question is, if i want to use the default osCommerce setup, how easy is it to do? I don't want to pay for hosting then figure out I don't know how to set it up properly.

    I know some programming in C. Should I be ok?

    Does the giga plan 10/month at Jaguarpc come with everything I need to run osCommerce ok?

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    Out of the box OSC is setup for a demo store. It's very easy to add products, set shipping prices, etc.

    You will quickly come to find that you will want to add your own payment modules, shipping, etc.

    Many of these add ons are easy to install, and have good documentation.

    C programming probably will not help you out much, but if you understand programming, PHP should be a fairly easy to learn, or at least understand.
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