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    Problem with DNS propagation in ISRAEL


    I'm facing a strange problem and I need some advise. We have a new customer from Israel and his website hosted on our server doesn't comes up in Israel although it loads fine everywhere across the globe. I asked him to get in touch with his local ISP's to get the issue resolved with their DNS.

    The client the returned to me with and informed that he had a discussion with Israeli Internet Union, they explained to him that the reason for this is that the hosting provider's DC (ThePlanet in this case ) need to include the DNS details for the Israeli ISP's, this way whenever there is a change it is sent to them as well.

    Can anyone throw light on this..and help me understand why would THEPLANET require to add the DNS of the local ISP's of Israel..instead of the ISP's doing this and where could the problem exist.

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    Check with your client (and if that fails with The Planet support) to see if they have an account you can use.

    A few years back, I remember a client who needed us to log into their country domain account to add our name server addresses.

    I think that's what your Israel' client is refering.

    Thank you.
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    I've never heard of anything like this before. What are there 12 root name servers? Most are located in the US. I think there is one in UK, Japan and one somewhere else. Either way, none are in Israel, and your DC shouldnt have to do anything special to accomodate them.


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    Hi dynamicnet/trader

    Yes I understand what you said and agree to it. I had to so the same with one of my client who had a .ch domain...however the case here is that the domain is .com and I can already see it running here...the client though claims that it will run in his country only when I add his DNS to my server and at ThePlanet, he'll collect the DNS IP's of all ISP's in ISRAEL and then I have to add this to my DNS ..crazy it sounds to me

    I have a few other clients in ISRAEL with .il domain extensions and they never demanded anything like this only this guy wants it and thats what made me confused if any such thing as he claims exist at all.
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    Unless I'm missing something big, this is utter nonsense. Balderdash. Tripe. Hogwash. This makes about as much sense as the domain registrar who told a customer that they couldn't change their nameservers because they didn't have a "registered web host."

    I've got several Israeli resellers here with customers in a variety of TLDs and, while they're good at putting in oddly phrased and peculiar service requests, none of them has ever come up with anything like this.

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