Greeting Everyone,

Since sales throughout the winter have been better then expected for UK ShoutCast, I have decided to run a very special offer to all WHT visitors.


I am offering much discounted prices:

Bitrate -- £Was - £Now

24Kbps - £0.60 - £0.45
32Kbps - £0.80 - £0.60
48Kbps - £1.20 - £0.75
56Kbps - £1.40 - £0.90
64Kbps - £1.60 - £1.10
80Kbps - £2.00 - £1.40
96Kbps - £2.40 - £1.80
128Kbps - £3.40 - £2.20

As you can see, the higher the bit rate, the greater the discount. This offer will only run until 15th April 2004 and once signed up, this pricing will last for the lifetime of the plan.

All servers come with a or direct listen link, replacing the complicated and hard to remember http://xx.xx.xx.xx:xxxx/listen.pls link.

The Complete Solution

Don't forget also, that with all UK ShoutCast plans, you get 100MB free web hosting space from UK PC Hosting, the sister company of UK ShoutCast.


Since 2002, UK ShoutCast has provided ShoutCast streaming media solutions to the UK and beyond. Established as the first ShoutCast streaming media company in the UK, we have become possibly the most popular in the UK.


The uptime guarantee on all UK ShoutCast services is 99.9% and for the last few months we have enjoyed 100% uptime across most of our servers. We currently have servers in the data centre and the Aleron data centre.

You can find the UK ShoutCast AUP at


We accept payment via any of the following methods:

Bank Deposit
Bank Transfer
Postal Order

Servers can be paid in either 1, 3 or 6 monthly periods. Larger orders will recieve a further discount.

Order Now

To order any of these services, please visit and quote the code WHT-SC-050404 in the extra comments box. You will then be charged at these discounted rates instead of our regular rates.

Should you want to try a test server, please PM me.

More information regarding the company and the services we offer can be found on the website at

Many thanks for reading, I hope you like this great offer!

Best Regards,
Matthew Cullum
Managing Director