I started this forum last fall and had a few other things going on at the same time, so I couldn't put my full time and effort into running it.

I started to put time into it and drive traffic in January, but an unforseen problem came up late last month and I could no longer do it.

Now I do not have the time to promote the site to the fullest of its ability as there are too many things going on in my personal life.

Domain name is registered through godaddy till Sept. 1, 2004

Surrent forum stats: 65 registered users, 967 total posts. A few mods have been made to phpBB including the quick reply mod.

Actual traffic to the site can be seen here in this screenshot from webalizer

With more and more reality based tv shows starting every few weeks, the potential here is endless.

Revanue was generated through adsense (no way of knowing how much as I run adsense on several sites) as well as a few affiliate programs...

asking price for the site content and domain name: $250.00

I can also arange for low cost hosting w/ my current provider should you not want to move it, otherwise I will help in any way to move the forum.