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    Smile My Site...

    Hi guys,
    Check out my personal site
    Its made in Flash. Comments are welcomed And dont forget to sign my guestbook..


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    Wow. Took a long time to load the initial splash page. I had enough time to get a drink.

    It's a bit noisy with the sound effects. Your art looks pretty good. The clock would look nicer with a san serif font to match the rest of your site.

    I looked at your resume (the .pdf one) and it's got no style. With the design skills you're demonstrating with this site, redo your resume so it has some panache.
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    I like the flash but the graphics seems to improve.

    The animations are a great job done. However, your selection of graphics to suit your flash restricts your creativity. They seem to me to be poorly constructed. (E.g your "logo" of before I enter. Does not look smooth to me in my screen).

    If those things can be improved, i will give a 8 out of 10 to you anytime.

    Hope it helps.

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    Thanks serialbeggar and acidbase for the feedback.It was helpful. Acidbase which other graphics did u find not proper? Will try and improve on the site as per the suggestions given by you...
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    Site looks nice, but the first flash that loads, where it says

    That looks bad.
    Good work on the other flash though.

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    on your links page the links aren't linked anywhere, lol

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    Yes the graphic after flash loads might not look so good to some. As i have kept the resolution of the graphics low so as to not make the size of flash file big. Will see what i can do with the graphic. The links are not hyperlinked i have just given their url.... Thanks for all the feedback.

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