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    Searching for A Ded. Server.

    Im new to Dedicated Servers... I understand that I will have to do alot with the server such as update Kernel stuff... Anyway :-
    Im looking for a dedicated server like
    80 GB + Space
    1000 GB + bandwith
    Comes with cpanel and Fantastico
    No Setup Fee
    1 IP Address.
    Some kinda Firewall thing....
    Around 100 Dollars....

    I got an offer Of 60 GB for 90 Dollars...
    But I need to know more.....

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    I would recommend since it looks like you are looking for a low end solution. They are reliable and have fairly good support as well (not always super fast, but in the end everything does get resolved, which is nice).

    However, there are setup fees (although if you opt for the higher setup fee, you can reduce the monthly cost, which is really cool imo). servermatrix offers hardware firewalls for a very reasonable cost per month, or you can just use iptables for free. My cost per month is around $100 with a $99 setup fee - it's about $120 if you go low end and go with the $49 setup fee. - Affordable, quality web and MUD hosting.

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    check the offers section of this forum. many will make a deal with you to reduce / remove setup fees, etc. Some of the provide full management of the server, including all updates to make it worry free, plug-n-play (so to speak).

    or try these companies:
    Web Design:
    web design company

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    You should look for a live server instead of a ded. one
    Sorry I just had to add that to this post
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    no ded ones are easier to manage =)
    Web Design:
    web design company

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    96 if YOU know how to manage your server << Not %100 stable network. - good support, Best Network, New DC!

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    GNAX Provides managed servers. You can ask them to update Kernel for you if you are unsure of doing it.
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    I believe ServerMatrix is offering something right now with free cpanel and fantastico.

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    If this is your first dedicated and you are not too sure about how to maintain the server you may want to look into a managed server.

    I am with who manage the server fully (including updates to kernel etc etc) and I picked up a 2.4ghz, 80gig hardrive with 1000 gigs bandwidth for $110.00 per month (WHM/cPANEL/Fantastico inclusive).

    So far they have been great and Donna has been a pleasure to work with. The server is a server but they also have servers which is slightly more expensive.

    Cheers - Dav
    Gotta check out this superb site...

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    intersting... I'll check all..

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