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Thread: ftp help

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    ftp help

    [Address lookup of "" failed. It may be misspelled, or your computer may not be connected to the network or Internet.
    Also check that your DNS and local name servers are properly configured and responding.]
    This is the msg i'm getting for the last 2 days using WS_ftp and I'm going crazy!
    The ftp site belongs to a good friend of mine who allowed me to put files at this url but nada.
    Pls help

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    d407ugga - I suggest removing the link......

    Its working. Pings good, tracert - good. Opened a good connection for me. Try using another FTP client. But its working with just an anonymous connection.

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    A customer was having this type of issue once, and they changed their settings in WS FTP to "passive" mode, and it started working. Perhaps you could try that? Otherwise, it could indeed be a problem with your Internet connectivity...try performing a tracert to that server/domain name.
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    Are you entering "" as the hostname to connect to? If so, remove the ftp:// and give it a shot.
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    Nothing works here although the internet connection's good
    Tnx anyway appreciate any other ideas going to use another client
    Tnx for comments

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