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    newbie questions

    ok, i have been building a program for about the past two year where people can build there own websites in niche markets.

    the server i bought to run my app is a :

    dell poweredge 1750
    2.4 Ghz zeon
    1 gig ram
    2 scsi 70 gig hard drive raid 1 config
    w2k server
    iis 5
    coldfusion mx server
    windows media streaming server for audio
    ms sql 2000 srv
    bullet proof ftp server
    mail enable srv
    trend micro server protect antivirus
    black ice server firewall

    i have dedicated 512kbps and burstable to 10 mbps for$200
    I figured that's about ~160GB tranfer per month

    I hope to host around 300 hundred low traffic sites, anyone see an issue with load on my server or any other concerns? also is that good bandwith price?

    thanks for any advice in advance!

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    Well the only thing that would really concern me is the "windows media streaming server for audio" with the bandwidth alloted.
    Low traffic, what exactly is low traffic to you?
    -with the above I cant be too much of help not my area

    -2k server I can help a bit better with.
    What other services are you going to be running on it? DNS?
    IIS is not the best/safest/cheapest way to host 300 sites at the exact same time. Not to mention with 1-2.4GHZ CPU + 1GB RAM windows 2000 server OOTB(out of the box) is going to eat that alive before you get to serving pages.
    It really depends on what you mean by low traffic. Also are you going to host html? or lots of 3S(server-side scripting)?

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    I am not an expert on windows hosting, so I'll stay away from the server load question, however I'd like to point out that you are unlikely to get 160GB of billable transfers out of a 10Mb/s burstable port with 512Kb/s commitment and a 95th-percentile billing model. You should bet on something like 58% efficiency, so deduct 42% from (324GB per Mbit/sec per 30 days) and at 512Kb/s you reach a figure more like 94GBytes/month.

    If you use bandwidth throttling mechanisms you can, of course, get 100% efficiency, but at only 512Kb/s end-users may notice the difference, especially during prime-time. And rate-limiting at a value mid-way between your commitment and your port speed can actually harm your actual transfer efficiency -- bursts will be longer, although at a lower Kbit/sec rate -- so you may indeed increase the quantity of samples that exceed your commit and may peg a lot of those samples ar or near your rate-limit.
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    well, i'm considering low traffic less than 100 visits per day (probably alot less, some of my current client don't even get that a month) per website. I will be hosting small and local band websites. I will be running cold fusion dynamic pages pulling info from a sql server.
    running iis5 and dns server.... what's a good estimation for my current config? I can always add more ram and another cpu.
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