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    What do you recommend?


    I have a question.

    My friend wants to make it a portal where suppliers and consumers are linked together.

    In other words, a consumer who needs a particular service and/or job done for him, he can post his needs on Then he doesn't have to research all over the net - he has several options (suppliers) at his fingertips.

    Then a supplier can come to to find jobs to quote.

    So the way my friend wants this to work is consumers have to sign up for a username/password to post "service requests" & suppliers have sign up for a username/password to reply to "service requests."

    To do this, my friend wants to have a user management system (username / password) where consumers and dealers sign up. Then a dealer can log on and reply to "service requests." Also the consumer can log in and post service requests.

    For now, the service would be free until it grows. But later on my friend would like to charge so much a month for an account. So I have to have a way to implement that in the future.

    Now the question is - is there any PHP / MySQL script that you know of that could do this? OR that we could customize to do this?

    It would kind of operate like a trouble ticket system, where the consumer logs in to submit a "request" and the dealer logs in to reply to a "request."

    The only "catch" is that there has to be a way to show a preview of the job requests to dealers that come to the site so they are "lured" to sign up and reply to the consumer.

    This is kind of lengthy - Hopefully this makes sense.

    What's your input?


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    Sounds like a basic CMS system where you add one flag to each user ('provider' or 'consumer'). Then you just have some "if" statements that basically say "if consumer then select all from offers" or "if provider then select all from requests". Shouldn't be too hard with moderate programming skills. Lots of unemployed/underemployed geeks would probably write it for a small fee...

    But given how many CMS packages and plugins there are out there, I suspect this wheel has already been invented somewhere.

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