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Thread: SSI help pls

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    SSI help pls


    I just finished reading an SSI tutorial , which while helpful still leaves me confused about it.

    I downloaded a template from a free template site, but it uses frames and wondered how i would go about it changing it from frames to using SSI for the menu as i need a template where i only have to change one menu when adding a new item instead of changing every page.

    I'm no expert or anything or much just an amateur who enjoys making webpages and would like to learn how to use SSI and wondered if anyone could advise and be kind enough to help.


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    Which tutorial did you read:

    Make sure that our hosting company supports SHTML (most do). What coding are you using to insert the page? What is the name of the nav file? If it does not work, try changing the nav file to TXT, INC, HTML.

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