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    Looking for the best eComm software to develop online cataloque

    Hi, I've just decided that I'd like start a business venture and it requires an online catalogue. I'm looking for any suggestions for software that would best for this.

    I've been so far reccomended the following software:

    eComm Pro br Trellian



    Does anyone have any previous experience with these? Or can u recommend any others?

    Any help would be appreciated!!!

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    I work with osCommerce and for the price it cost (free open source) it can't get much better:

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    I'll second osCommerce. It's free and works great.

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    osCommerce works well for catalogs. It has a lot of support as well.

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    It depends whats your needs are, but in general with all the modules and plugin parts that are avilable for Oscommerce its certainly no waste of time.

    So YES I would also go for oscommerce, (besides I am using it already ;-)
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    OScommerce is solution of almost all needs. So I also recommend OScommerce

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    I'll recommend and link you to my osC site. Hehehe
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    Thanks all!!!

    Ok, I think I'll go with osCommerce (very impressed), but I need a little heads up as to what I should look for when chooosing the ISP I should use to host a site that is developed through osCommerce.?!?

    How much should I be looking at paying?!?....any recommended and reliable ISPs?!?

    Thanks in advance.

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    By the way osCommerce 'base' install will run on almost any hosting company.

    However I would recommend my company for web hosting. The primary advantages being support for your shopping cart while you concentrate on your business. If you mess up the cart I can fix it quickly. I can also advise and guide you on how to do something in osCommerce and may times I can do it for you without charge. We provided a loaded version of osCommerce that will save you a lot of time because the included contributions have been debugged by many and it also is very easy to customize.

    It is difficult to predict what your specific requirements are. In general when you select a hosting company you want to make sure they are stable, they provide support when you need them and your happy with their pricing structure. Most important is you should feel comfortable with doing business with them. In this regard if you need If you need stability statistics for my company then let me know.

    You need to decide what your looking for in a hosting company. Some of my clients are experts in osCommerce and are happy to update the software themselfs and focus on search engine optimization. Others are newbies and request customization support. We have clients that have a lot of products and want and optimized database and caching so the response from their oscommerce is the fastest possible. These are some of the areas we focus on. Other hosting companies may concentrate only on providing hosting or may provide expertise in some other areas.

    In summary if you jot down the items that you will need most support in and what factors are most important to you. Then look around and evaluate your web hosting option. After all your paying so decide what you expect in return.

    Hope this helps you somewhat.

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