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    cms and low server load

    i am running postnuke site now, but i think it use too much resource. i want to migrate to other cms that does not need much server load. . i considered using e107, how about that?pls advice which one is suitable for me

    sory for my english

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    Depends what you need it to do, but i'd suggest looking at mambo it's a very well coded cms.

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    does mambo need low resource? how about its speed?

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    Mambo is very good, fast and powerful.

    I'm sure you have heard of devshed - they use mambo to manage their content - along with other sites in the developershed network

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    Hi ,

    We are using PostNuke, it supports well for customization of all aspects of the website's appearance via templates, caching for faster page loads, user friendly administration via the configuration tools in the administration panel, support and a very active development community.

    As per my suggestion you can go with PostNuke.

    Hope it may provide you the proper solution.



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