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Thread: Review please

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    Review please

    I have been working on this for a while and think I am losing perspective. I wanted to create a webhosting site that didn't look like all the rest but still professional. I purchased this template from e3zz from here and been modifying for my own needs. Just take a look and suggest if I stay the course or go off in new direction as I stated I have been looking at this for so long I think I am losing perspective of my initial goals. The temp site can be seen at , none of the subpages work, and my customization of the whoiscart can be seen here

    Thanks in advance,

    Brian Eelkema

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    i think the header is the most essential element in a page. Since it still uses the template header graphic, it shows up as though it is a template.

    If the login buttons can be changed graphically, it will look even more professional.

    The right columns: I would suggest not to use so many different colours for each section (esp the purple). Doesn't look "smooth" to me.

    One thing, at least I hate, is to scroll so far to grab info. so this might help you to align your content.

    Hope it helps you some how.

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