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    Redesign of Hosting Template - Designer Wanted

    Ok, i have a simple HTML Website.

    It has like 6 pages.

    For a Hosting Company.

    What i require, is to do a redesign of the site, possibly make it more graphical, and with a bit of flash thrown in.

    Its quite a small website and quite a simple job.

    What i do require is integration within most or all of the pages.

    Login for Webmail / Cpanel (script can be provided)
    Testimonials box, shown on most of the pages, I must be able to update a text file or something so it updates all the pages.

    And we just want to expand the 6 pages or so of the original site so it now includes.

    - Resellers (Cpanel / WHM)
    - Shoutcast

    Would like the SITE Fully Coded, with all the pages linked, not just a template, somewhere where you give me the site and i just add the content

    Flexiable on time schedule, and looking for something cheap. Doesnt matter if it isnt totally original, as long as its not sold to hundereds of other people!

    Looking to spend at Max $80 via paypal

    MSN / Email [email protected]

    I would like examples of previous work. Im on MSN a lot so we could sort something out ASAP.

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    you're asking a hell of a lot for just $80 - good luck though

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    yeah $80 would get you a psd file and thats it roughly...


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    Not necessarily, $80 in some countries is a manís monthly pay! Well, not for me, I sent you an email with a design attached. Client of mine backed out so I am stuck with a design, and nothing to do with it. Since I have time to kill, getting $80 doesnít seem too bad an idea. Kindly reply by email.

    - S. Faruque

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    S. Faruque

    I like your design, and would like to go ahead, i have emailed you.

    For anyone else OFFER CLOSED!

    Thank YOu

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