Pricing is simple and billed per hour. Work will only begin when price, time, and details have been agreed and confirmed by BOTH parties. Contact via e-mail only.

Coding including coding for usage on both internet and local. I can code in C/C++, Perl and PHP - but mainly the latter. Pricing is $25/hr based upon minimum of 1 hour work. An estimate will be given of the time to write a program including testing.

Things I can code - (small examples)

Customer portals.
Search engines.
Affilate portals.
Payment gateways.
User panels.
Server admin panels.

I can also work on simple server scripts to do jobs - same $25/hr fees.

System administration is more of a general term for performing required tasks rather than system maintainence. Basically, what I am saying is that I will only perform what you request. Meaning if something new is wrong a specific application I will not update it unless specificaly required todo so. I will try to let you know if I see anything wrong, and then ask if you wish for me to fix/update it.

I can support the basic problems for most *nix based OS's including kernel compiles/updates and apache/php/mysql compiles/updates etc. Pricing is $35/hr - same rules/requirements as for coding.

contact me via PM firstly to request a quote. Include what you require in a bit of detail so that I can discuss it further.