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    * I got burned and need quick help

    I purchased a dedicated server from Ipowerweb I was told 4 to 6 days for a setup. It now has been 11 days and it still has not been set up.

    If it is not running by this afternoon we are dumping them and
    we are going to pickup another.

    Problem is we are a non profit group and we are coming up on a deadline to move our site.

    The offer by Ipowerweb would have worked our fine for us. If they had come through as promised.

    1.7 gig processor
    265 mb of ram
    40 gig hard drive
    500 gig transfer

    For about $50 a month.

    Is there another dedicated server company that offers something compatible that I can go to quickly without fear of major down time?

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    Dont know if you will like the hd space.
    The rest. What do you plan on doing with it beside hosting a site?

    Edit: These servers are in ThePlanet/SMatrix Datacenter

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    Just a correction but I think it's 256MB ram instead of 265MB
    That is a low price though, no idea if you can find such a deal for such a low amount with a good network uptime.

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    Sorry I'm not a tech guy just one of the board of directors of this small but grownig club.

    This server will only host our web site with a message board and member services like email

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    The above should be fine. Its on a very solid network. And should be setup within 48 hours.

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    Tonight Ipowerweb lost another customer.
    After 11 days I still have no server.

    Please do not make the same mistake of using this company like I did.

    Thanks for all your help I will be contacting that company.

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    Good luck, hope this time it works out.

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