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    AMD Duron 1GHz CPU question

    Just looking for some perspective on how much faster a P4 2.4 is compared to a AMD Duron 1GHz. Currently one of our servers is the later, though it's getting a little sluggish. Is the P4 significantly faster (same ram)?


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    I'm no expert but you could simply do the math:

    2.4 GHz vs 1GHz - the P4 is at least 2.4 times faster than the AMD. Then there's the differences in the processors themselves - I'm not that good here - have to ask someone else.

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    Cant really say that it would work 2.4 times better. Although I highly doubt you will find a benchmark to show you exact specfics between the two.
    In answer to your question, yes you could see a pretty note-worthy gain in speed/performance

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    I dont really recommend using a P4 for web hosting, you could find a single processor xeon system for just a little bit more, check the dedicated server offer forum here.

    You will see a difference in how much faster for each app, some apps are more cpu intensive and some are more ram intensive. In general, I would expect around 2 times better performance.

    Reason being is that Intels main focus on the P4 was for multimedia (video, graphics, etc) while the main focus on the Xeon is for a web/app server.

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    i'm not an expert on processors but theres a whole thing on processors and stuff... A 64 bit AMD is different from a P4 processor which is 32 bit. i've read about how 64 bit AMDs outperformed a lot of pentiums. also xeons work well as dynamohost said. if you're gonna be a webhost and run a webserver, u really should get something you can expand on like XEONS or some other type of AMD that allows multiple processors

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    All of my servers run dual AMD Athlon MP 2400 processors and the systems run great.

    AMD's are cheaper than XEONS and they perform just as well or better.

    Really no use for a 64 bit processor yet, there is not much 64 bit software ( you would need fedora which i dont recommend or RHE ).

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    He wants to know the difference between a 1GHz Duron and a 2.4 p4, not the difference between MPs and Xeons. One of my biggest complaints about this bored is that the question never gets answered.

    The performance difference between the 1GHz Duron and 2.4 p4 is pretty large. The duron, being a economical chip, has less cache than the 2.4 p4. I would definately say the p4 is atleast twice the speed of the duron, if not more.

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    Rather than add useless speculation, here are the actual performance numbers according to SiSoft Sandra, one of the more reliable CPU benchmarking utilities (these are raw arithmetic numbers):

    Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz: 6403 MIPS

    AMD Duron 1 GHz: 3764 MIPS

    If we were to base our conclusion upon the raw numbers (not taking into account bus speed, RAM, etc.), we could accurately say that the P4 is about 1.7 times faster than the Duron. (And we see yet again that MHz/GHz is not a reliable measure of performance between two different types of CPUs.)

    Keep in mind that unless your server is doing some serious database handling, RAM would probably be a more rewarding upgrade than an increase in CPU speed.

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    BTW, keep in mind that the faster bus on the P4 would give it more of an edge than the 1.7x number I just stated.

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