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    Post My paranoia fueled philosophy on gay marriage

    the government recently came out with their stance on gay marriage

    they did this at the same time as when they would go out after the howards tern radio show, as well as many other talk radio shows which all appeal to the same audience: heterosexual males aging from 18 to 40.

    I believe they came out with this now, because that specific demographic is most likely to hate and or fear homosexuals.

    The government knows that in the eyes of this demographic, restricting the rights of homosexuals will take higher priority over freedom of speach, this will in turn give the vote from this demographic to president bush in november.

    Your thoughts?

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    It is most definately politically minded. Bush is grasping at straws trying to turn the voting public for him, I see it as a sign of desperation.

    One can hope at least....

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