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    im new here, dont know much about this, so i thought id ask help. I run a video site, has a few videos on, and someone said to me that 1000gb monthly wouldnt be enough, they said i should use a 10mbit server, is he right? how much are they? How much bandwidth is 10mbit? very confused..wonder if someone could explain this


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    1000gb a month is ALOT of bandwidth...

    Most sites can't even get 50 Gigs a month...

    I would suggest going with a high bandwidth provider and later upgrade if it isn't enough.
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    It depends on how many visitors at the same time
    will visit your site and what will they do. Will they download
    1000 gb bandwith will be enough for whatever it is i think
    but you can obtain it with a dedicated server easier.

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    it is an adult site, a membership site. So the public wont see the videos until they sign up for members area. It gets around 3000-6000 visitors a day, but they all wont be looking at videos. I was thinking of 10mbit, as videos are added frequently and members will be streaming them regulary

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    I think that 10mbit is the speed of the connection. It is very low. As you can find web hosting provider with the speed as much as 1000Mbit!!! And also with such a great requirements for traffic you should better to order the dedicated server or per gigabyte plans

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    for adult entertainment get a 100mbps uplink and start with 1000 gigbytes if you need more transfercluster some servers or something.
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    To limit your costs, get a 10mbps dedicated or colocated server. HE Resellers run some specials on 10mbps capped unmetered servers sub-$300... FDC is not good but they also do the same.

    Most other providers will run $500+ for 10mbps.

    If you want the best for your customers, get a 100mbps dedi or colo server....and for starters get a 5mbps commit. Upgrade as needed.

    On a 100mbps port, your site visitors don't get squeezed out on BW as will happen when your site saturates 10mbps. On 10mbps, your visitors will see packetloss when you start saturating the line.

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    10 mbit capped server will do fine if your average bandwidth usage is around 7mbit. The extra 3 mbit will allow your site to run smoothly whe your traffic spikes.

    7 mbit/sec in terms of GB is calculated this way
    7000000*3600*24*30/8 = 2268 000 000 000 bytes = 2268 GB/month

    so in your case for 1000GB per month you need a 5 mbit capped server - affordable multiple domain hosting solutions
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    how much do 10mbit servers cost?

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    Originally posted by manchestergu
    how much do 10mbit servers cost?
    Depends what kind of bandwidth they are hooked on
    Tier one bandwidth usually is around $100/mbit or you can buy a 10 mbit capped server with lower quality bandwidth, like cogent, for around $250-$300 per month.

    The difference between lower and higher quality bandwidth is mainly the latency. Lower quality bandwidth tends to have higher latency (responce time). If the visitors on your site are mainly going to download content you will be just fine with cogent-type bandwidth

    Hope that helps - affordable multiple domain hosting solutions
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    I think i will go for cogent bandwidth then

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    Don't forget also that when choosing a host for video delivery that you have to decide if you're going to deliver progressive downloads or streamed content.

    If you're offering progressive, then you don't need any special software to get it happening, but if you want to stream, then your host will often need to have the streaming server software available as well.

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    Maybe I'm missing something here but manchester you said you have a video site. This implies it is up and running now?? Which makes me wonder why you are not consulting your current stats to know exactly how much bandwidth you have been using per month and more importantly where that traffic originates??

    Are you are on a dedicated server or virtual plan currently? Specifically what reasons did this person give you for needing a 10mbit server?? Are you being told your site is using too much resources?? If so which resources?? Eg: cpu, memory, bandwidth? Are you running any forums, databases, other scripting that could be the cause? I can't help wondering if this person who told you this is taking advantage of your ignorance . . .

    We host many sites that serve and/or specialize in video content and generally most do not do 100GB/month. The biggest one does less than 300GB. When we rescued them from their former host they were victims of password traders and doing 1200GB per month. Excessive bandwidth is often caused by password traders/brute force attacks and unfortunately many hosts will not work with the webmaster/owner to curb/control these incidents. They prefer to let you rack up huge and unnecessary bandwidth bills. General rule of thumb is that your members area should use 10-30% of your total bandwidth. In other words if you really need a 10mbit server your personal assistant should be asking these questions because your making money hand over fist.

    I'm not saying it is impossible for you to actually use/need 500, 1000, or even 2000GB per month. I'm saying give me some more information before you jump into the deep end here. I have subscribed to your thread . . .
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