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    Domain Name Reg Problems (

    I am attempting to transfer three domain names for a friend of the family (FOF) whose website I am building.

    A couple of months ago FOF, I swear it is not one of those "my friend" things, received an email from stating that the domain names were going to expire. The link in the email did not work and when FOF attempted to logon to to renew the domains they were unable to logon. FOF attempted to logon periodically with similar results.

    I suggested that since FOF was having this problem along with others in the past with that they transfer their domain names to which I have user for a couple of years with good support along the way. I have found that I was not able to login to the account on most of the time. Usually when I click on the LOGON link the page just reloads. I suspect that this explains why FOF could not logon.

    When I attempted to transfer the domains I was informed that they were on hold. After inquiring with as to what this meant I was told that there were a couple of things that could be wrong. I checked the WHOIS database and the domain is still shown to be registered to FOF with an expiration date of 02/28/04. I then logged onto FOF's account on None of the domains was listed in the account. I then attempted a "Live Text Chat" which was terminated by the support tech after I asked some pointed but non abusive or rude questions. Before the session was terminated I learned that the domains had indeed expired, that I had to pay $30 to transfer the domains away from, and that there is no phone number to contact

    Actions taken so far include the attempted "Live Text Chat" which lasted about 45 and got me answers to 3 questions and the opening of a Support Ticket from which I recieved an email asking for my account name and domains so that they can "check them." I find it strange that they did not have my account name when it was listed on the form that I used to submit the Ticket along with my email address which they used to contact me. In the Support Ticket I basically told them that I would give them until Thursday to release the domain names and supply me with the code to transfer the .org domain before I escalated my complaint to ICANN and InterNIC and all applicable agencies.

    Why, if the domains expired, are they not listed as available on WHOIS as available? Is there any grace period after the expiration? With whom can I file a complaint regarding the lousy service provided by I am guessing that I could go to ICANN and/or InterNIC. Are they governed by a state government entity? What other steps can I take?


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    have you considered paying to renew the names where they are now, so the FoF does not lose them? After they are renewed, you will have plenty of time to work the transfer.

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    If the domains are expired you cannot transfer them to any registrar. You need to first renew the name at the current registrar and transfer the name after that. This is pretty much standard stuff across all registrars not just registerfly.

    If the name is beyond the registrars grace period(which seems to be the case here) and is placed into redemption you will need to either reclaim the name from redemption (150-200) or wait for the name to drop and register as a new name again.

    This is not a registerfly issue but rather your friend failing to renew a name on time. You will either need to renew as I stated or wait for the name to drop
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    If the domains are in fact in redemption period your best bet is to try catch them when they drop through backordering services like Pool, snapnames, & namewinner. BTW, you probably don't want to here this but other than crappy customer service RF did nothing wrong. Lack of knowledge regarding domain business by FOF is the problem.

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    I fully understand that the FOF blew it big time. If it was me I would have hunted down their phone number right away as it is available online, at least the number for the parent company. I found it on where had no less than 9 complaints.

    But not all of the blame can be laid at the feet of FOF. If the registrars website worked and FOF was able to logon to their account it would not have reached this point. I plan on calling FOF tonight and informing them that they have no choice but to pay $30 bucks. And suggest that next time they do some research before making a decision on what company to do business with.

    I just get that icky feeling like when you deal with the IRS or SSA. You can argue as logically as you can for as long as you want but they know they have you over a barrel so in the end you have to do what they want.

    Thanks for the info!


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    I have over 1400 domains with RegisterFly and their site works well. I can login into my account and many of my associates who use the service can login as well. if you cannot login I would suspect a browser or security setting issue not their service.
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    Maybe you have better luck than both myself and FOF.

    But I find it strange that I can logon one day and not the next from the same computer with the same internet connection through the same browser. In addition they just might the worst customer service I have ever had the displeasure of encountering.

    Thanks to everyone for the help.


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    i've tested registerfly services and they were amazing.

    maybe you just have bad luck or something..
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    Pcook911 - Worst cusomer service title is reserved for Xreg.
    I appreciate you problem here, and yes - maybe because you had troubles logging in to renew your domain they should waive the $30. But I think this seems to be fairly normal. Customer support did talk to you live, you got a response from your ticket. You did recieve relevant information. Ok it was all a bit late, but it still happened.

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    You are not serious are you?

    Yes, they talked to me live right up until they stopped the chat when I asked them a question that they did not like.

    As for their Support ticket, the first response I received was as follows.

    Hello Sir

    Would you please let us know the user name in which you are unable to login and the domain name which is locked so that I can check them ?


    Client Support Executive #25 Support.

    Yet I had to logon to initiate the support process and complete a form which included my username. They never offered any type of break in response to their poor service.

    I guess many of you have lower expectations in terms of customer service.

    Thanks again for the help that was provided. And I will no longer respond to this thread.


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    Originally posted by pcook911

    I guess many of you have lower expectations in terms of customer service.

    Thanks again for the help that was provided. And I will no longer respond to this thread.

    I would disagree, many of us have very high standards with service. It could be your expectations are at a "paul bunyon" level for what you are dealing with. They responded to your issue and even requested more info. Instead of working with them you prefer to criticize. I would recommend you renew and transfer away to another registrar that meets your "high" levels

    Good luck
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    Here is a chat log to show how registerfly treat people:
    Hello, Welcome to 24/7 Customer Support Service. Please wait for a site operator to respond. Your call will be answered in the order that it was received.
    All our operators are currently assisting others customers. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.
    You are now chatting with 'FLYsupport'
    FLYsupport: Welcome to's chat service, there is a live person responding to your service inquiries. Please wait till we route you to the next available service person. Depending on the volume this can take several minutes.
    FLYsupport: Hello, Welcome to Registerfly LIVE CHAT, This is Client Support Representative #25, How may I Help you?
    capisco: Hello
    capisco: You told me that i can transfer the money to my paypal
    capisco: and if not the money will be transfered to my credit card
    capisco: the guy in the support ticket refused both
    capisco: now i want my money in my credit card
    FLYsupport: Yes
    capisco: yes but they refused and said it's not ok with the TOS and the privacy
    capisco: so now what can i do ?
    capisco: I cant keep the money to register domains coz i have only 2 domains and it's not there time to renew at all
    FLYsupport: Can you please give me the ticket number ?
    capisco: ok 1 sec
    capisco: 027698692c4651e5d6073d9bcb17a5f7
    FLYsupport: Please hold on till I check it
    capisco: ok tyt
    capisco: ?
    FLYsupport: You can not get the funds transferred to your Pay Pal or Credit Card
    FLYsupport: As per our Terms and Services
    capisco: you told me i can ?
    capisco: so it's not my problem that you didnt read the TOS before telling me
    FLYsupport: But last time you didn't explain this issue
    FLYsupport: And that was my misunderstanding
    capisco: i told u i want to transfer funds from my account to my paypal account u said it's ok
    capisco: so if u misunderstood what's my problem then?
    capisco: i wont leave 31$ till next year or something ?
    capisco: 31$ here means alot
    FLYsupport: But you didint explain the matter last time that what the refund you are asking for
    capisco: even thuogh it's nothing in USA
    capisco: i told you i have extra funds in my account
    capisco: so i already explained it
    capisco: This means i cant depend on LIVE SUPPORT
    FLYsupport: But you didn't explain this last time so I requested you to generate a support ticket
    capisco: and on REGISTER FLY TOO
    FLYsupport: I told you that you will be replied by Payment Department
    capisco: but you already told me it's ok to do so you didnt tell me it's not ok with the TOS
    capisco: yes but you also told me if i cant i will be able to refund them to my credit card
    capisco: can i know whose the General Manager
    capisco: and also the number for the company ?
    FLYsupport: Please listen to me
    capisco: You have to listen to me you said if i couldnt i will be able to refund them to my Credit Card
    capisco: now i lost the whole amount
    FLYsupport: I just requested you to generate a support ticket because Live Support Does not handle Payment Related Issues
    FLYsupport: You have done that and our payment department has replied you
    FLYsupport: That is truth what they told you
    capisco: you could have told me that you dont know
    capisco: but simply you told me it's possible
    capisco: it differs from not knowing than it's possible
    FLYsupport: I am sorry but we can not refund those funds as per our TOS and Payment department ( You were replied in Ticket )
    FLYsupport: Is there anything else I can help you with?
    FLYsupport: You can use those funds to purchase other services
    capisco: yea i want the Number
    FLYsupport: I am Sorry, we currently do not offer any kind of phone support.
    capisco: i dont want any other service
    capisco: i want my $
    capisco: i dont want support
    FLYsupport: I am sorry it is not possible
    capisco: i want the numberfor the general manager or the live support manager
    Chat session has been closed by the site operator. Thank you for using live Chat and have a great day!

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    if its mentioned at their TOS when you signedup then they can nothing for you.

    i believe even enom doesn't refund the money that is refilled in your reseller account.
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