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    OCR - Image to Text

    There are programs out which convert images [scanned or jpeg.. etc.] to plain text.
    So one can edit, copy+paste it, etc.
    I would like to do this.
    On my site I have screenshots of scores, and i would like to fill in
    Stats such as #players, Score, Etc.
    Does anyone know of a way to do this?
    I would prefer it in Java.
    - Thanks.
    Dont know if its possible though.. [Well of course its possible, but if its a crazy algorithm]
    If you dont know what i mean, check out

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    Or any ideas how it can be done?

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    You would need some OCR software and a script that would take an image, give it to the OCR software, instruct it what to do and collect the text. Roughly.

    Nevertheless, this OCR software must support scripting in order to do the above, but I know of none that support scripting.

    Still, if you have ever done scanning, you know it's a painful process. Additionally, a result is never a 100% of what it should be. There are errors.

    If it was me, I know I would try to find alternatives to what you are thinking of doing. Complication, resources, speed, errors, are all against you. Some tough job it must be. Nevertheless, you were right about one thing, it could be done!


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    Their seem to be some open-source libraries about check here is one I found.

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