We are looking for some advertisers to advertise on our webmaster network. This network is comprised of 6 sites which are all webmaster related! They include...

http://www.frynetwork.com - Main Network Site (ads are not run on this site)
http://www.fryfonts.com - Free Fonts
http://www.frytutorials.com - Photoshop Tutorial Directory
http://www.fryhosts.com - Web Hosting Directory
http://www.frytemplates.com - Free Web Templates
http://www.fryprograms.com - Affiliate Program Directory
http://www.frynews.com - Web / Tech Daily News

Advertising are in the form of 468x60 banner. (More sizes to come soon)

5,000* for $5usd !!NEW!!
20,000* for $20usd
50,000* for $45usd
100,000* for $85usd


The network recieves approx. 2100 hits per day by 500 uniques and has been growing every day!

If you have any questions about advertising you can pm me, or use the contact form on the site. You can purchase these packages through the site at http://www.frynetwork.com/advertise.php or email me and I will instruct you on payment. Only accept PayPal.

Any Questions Welcome!

Michael Gersitz