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    MRTG - 97% not computing

    This is only on *some* ports, MRTG isnt computing the GB (14all.cgi + RRDtools + MRTG) installed

    Heres an example of what its doing, no errors are being produced when we manually run the crons, so im not sure whats going on...

    would u know whats going on?

    not sure where to start looking
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    (95% not 97%)

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    I prefer cacti as a frontend to RRDTool myself. If your not stuck on 14all take a peek. Otherwise, sorry I can't help.

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    i installed cacti and its great, easy to configure

    however one question, on 14all, it has the 95% 'previous month.." anyway to configure cacti to show such details? (IE: last months 95% info)

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