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    Exclamation Looking to buy affordable advertising


    We are looking to purchase affordable "banner" advertising space for our new free e-mail service ID7.COM - . All types of gaming, entertainment and content sites are considered.

    Please post your site, stats, banner options and "prices". I will get back to you with an offer if we find your site and prices suitable.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Tamarra,

    I run (photoshop tutorial and information site).

    It gets an average of 1068 unique visitors per day. I can provide proof of stats if you are interested.

    price is $50/month for a 468x60 banner, located at the top of every page. and $30 /month for a 550x37 strip that goes directly above the 468x60, to the right of the logo.

    all spots are available.
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    PR5 and has an open spot for a banner on the left side. (Where it says Banner Goes Here)

    Don't know the exact traffic because the cpanel my host gave me comes with some weird stat program that's hard to understand so I switched hosts and am waiting for the DNS to propogate.

    Anyway, it's $20 a month.


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    Hello Tamarra,

    Here is one always popular, targeted and affordable opportunity.

    Internet Technology special is a specialized project powered by, the largest Student Media Network on the Internet, currently serving over 150,000 unique users every month.

    Internet Technology Front Page:

    1 spot in the "sponsored text-link" area is available now.

    The sponsored area appears on top and bottom of every single page of this special with a maximum of 8 spots.

    It costs $20 per month with a 3 month minimum buy, payable by PayPal up front. (A direct link will be provided.)

    All accounts are processed within 24 hours.

    Related-by-subject advertisers (such as your free e-mail service) can expect 60-70 unique visits per month (who actually click on your ad because they are interested in your service), which makes this offer reasonably priced compared to what some PPC search engines charge for top bidding positions. In your case you will have more clicks because the service is free.

    Tamarra, you have a very generous e-mail offer with 30 MB of space and spam and virus protection.

    We have a new offer, which I can make lower for you: text-link advertising throught the whole network. If you visit our home page you will notice a gray colored marketplace on the lower part of each page. This opportunity comes at $80 per month or $140 per 2 months (negotiable), but the exposure you make to over 150,000 unique users is worth it. The text-link panel gets well over 200,000 impressions per month!

    Both opportunities are a great way to reach an exclusive high quality audience 18-35 years old people. 75% male 25% female. 65% US, 15% Canada.

    Hosting Discussion - web hosting community.

    Is your company represented?

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    Would you be interested in a link exchange?

    If not PHOTODUMP dot COM receives around 1,000 uniques per day.

    $10 a month standard banner will go at bottom of all pages inside the nav.

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    64 (pr5)

    online photography community, nearly 1400 registered users, over 63,000 total posts, been live for nearly 14 months now, shown strong growth every month

    10-11,000 unique visitors per month (for 2004, up from 2003)
    400-450,000 page views per month (for 2004, up from 2003)

    88x31 static button (jpg, gif, png) in the footer of the forum for $8/month. to subscribe, visit the site, scroll to the footer, click the "Your banner here $8/month" button and fill out the info.

    468x60 banner in rotation in the header of the forum (aprox 20 banners total), as well as being listed on the Affliates page under sponsors, and having the banner included on the google adsense defaults (when it can't show valid content, rather then show charity ads, it shows the banners from the top). $25/month or $225/year (one month free when paid in avance) - send me a PM if your interested in that deal

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    graphics communtiy gets between 225-350 uniques per day. 2 months old, 150+ members, 8000+ posts, growing very quickly.

    10/month 468x80 banner in a banner rotation (max 3 banners in rotation at a time)
    Triality, Inc
    Professional E-Commerce and Web Development

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    Fantastic advertising opportunities on large network
    Advertising on our network of sites:

    Total traffic is 60,000 Unique visitors / month!

    Control panel demo: Username: demo password: demo

    What we offer:

    468*60 Banner advertisement.
    0.75CPM: Subsribe, Order

    If you have any queries then don't hesitate to Contact us.

    Thank you,
    David Lindon

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    Hi Tamara,
    Here is a preview of an advertising service that we will begin offering this week, on a very large community.

    - over 12 million page views per month
    - 40 - 70 thousand uniques monthly
    - over 17800 registered members
    - 40 - 80 new members per day

    Since this is a new service, I could give you new introductory pricing of 105$ per month with unlimited impressions
    This is for a standard 468 banner. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks

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    Thank you for all the interested posts and PMs. I will try and get back to the ones we are interested within 24 hrs. Other site owners are also welcomed to post/pm their offers for advertising oppurtunities as well.



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    1,531 $10 a month
    you can have a 468 banner at top off page, let me know.

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