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    Good Central Servers for under $150, free setup?

    Does anyone know any good Dallas or Chicago or any central dedicated hosting company with:

    Dual Xeon Intel pen 2.4 or as powerful
    1024 mb ram
    1000Gb bandwidth or OVER
    Free setup
    for UNDER $150 a month?

    Any suggestions would be nice. Thanks

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    That's as good as impossible to get for that low price. Especially with 2TB of traffic a month So my opinion => No

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    Typo, 1000

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    You're not going to find any place that offers a server like that. Nocster couldn't even do that, but they're offering Dual Xeon 2.0s with 1GB RAM for $100 setup and $150/month. They're on the east coast, though.


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    Raise your price to 200.00/m and you can probably get what you're looking for through a SM reseller with no setup fee.

    Brendan Diaz

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    Server Matrix looks very good. I'm not sure where the reseller program webpage is. I would like to know more about this SM deal. I've looked into them and they look like a nice company

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    Ok i guess i'll bump up to under 180. I KONW theres some cheap places out there. has good prices, but idk about their quality, but thats on the east coast. I want a texas host provider with the listed above material.

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    For that price, you will get what you pay for....throddled bandwidth...poor service...

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