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    looking for high data transfer reselling plan

    I'm looking for a reselling plan that offers something like:

    20 GB of Space
    600 GB of Bandwidth

    Can anybody suggest a company?

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    might as well get your own server...

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    With that much space/bandwidth you would be better off with your own server. If you're not comfortable managing your own, there are many companies who offer fully managed servers.

    You could also look into semi-dedicated but I'm not sure any would come with that much space/transfer.

    Also, do you really need that much transfer right offhand or are you looking for something with room to grow? These are questions you should keep in mind when looking.
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    I suggest you take managed dedicated server...

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    yes, it is better for you to go for your own server. Some might offer unlimited band width and unlimited space. I am not sure how they do it..

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    Getting a dedicated server will be cheaper for you case

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    Yea, low budget?

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    Originally posted by UltraUnixNET
    Yea, low budget?
    He never asked for low budget, so why are you recommending him to a crappy company?

    Gabx: Check out ServerMatrix and get a dedicated server there.

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