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    Lightbulb merchant for custom digital media

    I plan to offer a service that will modify a customers digital file to their specs.
    The customer can proof a sample , and when satisfied pay to receive the the completed file. (usually between $15-$50)
    Initially I was thinking of something quick and easy PayPal, ClickBank, etc... (till things pick up)

    I was hoping for some valuable insight from the more experienced amoungst you, about which Merchant Account route would be best suited for my needs : and can they be set up to handle this type of cusom taylored commerce , even internationally (or at least North America, Europe, Asia)?

    Thanks for your kind help

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    Almost all merchant accounts (especially if you are based in the US) wil be able to help.

    You might consider Paypal for now since it is free. If business is too slow - think about 2CO or mypaysystems as another way. This way, you can accept a credit card on your website. Even though Paypal does not require membership for US based businesses, that idea is still stuck in most consumer's head.

    And then once your business grows, you can upgrade your third party merchant account with paysystems to a merchant account. I know their gateway is international (most gateways are). This is what helps to determine the acceptance of internation credit cards.

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