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    I have a basic plan with and everthing was going great. Fast repsonse and an adequate plane. However, the site experienced a more than normal traffic one day and they sent me a msg asking me to upgrade to a semi-dedicated.

    I said no problem. Go ahead and let me what we need to do but please, don't bring it down and let's make this a smooth transition.

    Their support disappeared for two days and now I get a msg, "Your server is shut down for excessive traffic"!??

    What I can't understand is, we, web-publishers, try to do our atmost best and costs to keep our sites alive, why do webhosting companies treat this matter in such an ignorant way?

    Couldn't this be done by having both, the new and old server available to me while I move my stuff from one server to another and keep everybody happy?

    Now, and instead, I am shut-out from my server, my visitors have no access and they have started emailing me inquiring about it, and I can't do anything other than waiting from some help desk person to tell me what to do??

    The moral of the story is, you may get a super wonderful server but if their help desk has no Class, you endup dead in the water no matter how much you pay!

    Check for good support before you signup!


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    For one day of excessive traffic they asked you to upgrade to a semi-dedicated? Out of curiosity, how much traffic was that exactly?

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    Also, where you running any server intensive scripts, or were you suspended for using your bandwidth allotment (which would be very shady!)

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    You seem to exceed the traffic in one day and this may be a major concern as you are running a very high traffic site or a very server intensive scripts.

    Most host will ask you to get you a dedicated server as you may affect their other customer on the same server

    Just for curosity, how much traffic do you eaten up in one day?

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    Sounds to me like they just didn't receive your reply, assumed you were ignoring the warning and shut you down ?

    If this was an internal messaging system then obviously that's them to blame - if it was e-mail it could just as easily have been a problem with the outgoing mail you end.
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    Been with them a while. Never had any troubles with bandwidth, shared plan used 20GB in one day. Are you sure it said traffic and not usage? Usage I can understand.
    -Using 90% of the processing of the entire server is something Id knock you off for as well....if thats the case

    As well, If you submit a TT for an upgrade or anything that requires changing something to do with the package you have requested you need to include the first 2 and last 4 of the cc you signed up with or they will ignore it.

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    I'll look into it more but from talking to people around the office it sounds like a mistake on our side... something along the lines of the tech who was looking at the server because the load was high not realizing there was already an open ticket involving your account being moved to a semi-ded server. Whatever the case is we will look into it and figure out a way to avoid this set of circumstances reoccuring.


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