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    Whats wrong with iPowerWeb? It seems fine. Also, which to use?:Host Rocket, midphase


    I have been a customer of ipowerweb for a long time (I stopped recently when I stopped my site) and I have plans for new sites. I am curious why do people now have ipowerweb on their Avoid list? They seemed like a decent host to me.

    Also, if I were to not use ipowerweb anymore, I don't know which host to choose from. I have done searches, but still it is difficult. Hostrocket? Midphase?

    Every host has something not perfect about them, I know that is to be expected because no one is perfect, but that makes deciding difficult.



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    Greetings, is among the reputable hosts which has been in this industry for quite a long time and they've got their own datacenter. I believe Brandon and his folks are doing a great job.

    You wont go wrong by signing up with them. Good luck!

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    Use the search.

    Why do people put ANY host on their avoid list? Often it is due to lack of support, downtime, incompetent staff, or simply a bad experience the customer had with the host.

    Don't just go by whether a host is on someone's good or bad list, read actual customer reviews.

    Besides the WHT search, another good place to check is

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    I had the worst experience with midphase.
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    Originally posted by Executive
    I had the worst experience with midphase.
    Mind explaining your "experience" with us?

    Let's see. You signed up, a hard drive went out the same day, we retreived backups that were luckily only 3 hours old (not bad!), and got everything back up. Granted it wasn't a 10 minute move, and your site may have been down for a short bit, all in all it was successful.

    Look around for other peoples experiences, and what they consider to be the "worst experience", because it's pretty relative. Or, you could go a bit more in depth when you so generically state "worst experience with midPhase", and state that your experience was due to a hard drive failure, but no data was loss, and during the course of the outage, you were able to communicate with our staff. After all, hard drive, and hardware failure is inevitable. In my book, and again this is relative, but your post, and what you call the "worst experience" could have been justified if we A) didn't bring the server back online in a timely fashion B) didn't stay in contact with customers, or C) didn't have up to date backups. Thankfully, we had all of the above covered.

    Oh, and when you go around posting your "experience", don't forget to mention that you recieved 100% of your refund, because we recognized the hard drive issue was on our end and ultimately affected the performance of your site, but again- hard ware issues are inevitable.

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    Originally posted by Executive
    I had the worst experience with midphase.
    I on the contary have had excellent experiences with Midphase, they're growing very quickly and the support is top notch.

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    I had iPower for a year. I hosted two sites, an organization site and a personal site. Here are the reasons why I will never use their service again:

    1) Speed - They had horrible upstream speed. It took me 10 minutes to upload 20 megs. That's nearly unheard of. Least I think that's pretty rediculous. Also, in their control panel, it took forever to navigate through it. You click a link and wait. Their backups took nearly an hour to prepare. And the site was only 30 or so megs.

    2) Customer Support - There were some domain issues when I first bought my service. It took over a week to resolve them. The problem? They gave me the wrong DNS numbers.

    3) Downtime - They would have periods of time where they were working on their servers and had to shut down all sites. Fine, everyone does that. However, they provided no notice. So my site would be running and an hour later be offline. Not even an e-mail.

    I found a service that I host 6 sites on and could not be more happy. In fact, last night I had a question about SFTP. I e-mailed them at 11:30 PM last night and got a reply by 9:00 AM this morning. They even did what I asked them to do by 9.
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    HI Patrick,
    Well if you have experience with one and were satisfied then that may be your choice. Why not just email them and then in the end compare features to pricing and see which one fits you best. You are bound to find mixed reviews.
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    There could have been a lot of changes that occurred at iPowerWeb depending on how long ago it was that you were with them. They host a lot of sites and people generally are quicker to post a negative review than a positive one. If they suited your needs before they may be able to suit your needs again. If you had a positive experience it may be better for you to stick with them than to try out an unknown. The worst that can happen is that you have to move to a new host right?

    Just keep your own backups current and have a go....

    @ Zak, you really don't need to get so defensive over the post Executive made. Perhaps for him it really was the worst experience he has had with hosting. Posts like his can be a great benefit to a company if you look at it for what can be done to make improvements.

    Just for an example, if the server he was on had RAID1 then his downtime could likely have been reduced to a few minutes while the server was booted to the mirrored drive. Then a new drive could have been scheduled to be installed with prior client notification and a smaller window of downtime. Even that may not have been considered a "success" by Executive but it would be better than hours of downtime and a back up that was 3 hours old right?

    It's how the negatives are dealt with that make the biggest difference in improving a company. Your interests would have been much better off posting about the improvements you made as a result of his downtime as opposed to arguing with the guy about what is or is not a "success" in his mind...

    Take it for what it's worth, that's just my opinion...

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    712 looks like a professional company. I would prefer them.

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