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    Opinions About Milescape

    I've searched this forum and other places and I am unable to find a lot of opinions about Milescape. There was one particular thread in these forums from about a year ago where a guy said he had his site ( I believe) hosted with Milescape and it was "the best host ever" or something along those lines. However, interestingly enough, his site no longer seems to be hosted on Milescape's network. Therefore I was wondering if anybody has had any (preferably recent) experiences with Milescape or knows much about them.

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    I am also wondering about this company. Their plan is exactly what I'm looking for, but are they reliable?

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    Doesn't look very promising but its not completely dark either. Give them a chance I suppose.

    After viewing for awhile the one negative post about them was mild they look solid.
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    I highly recommend them. I've been with them almost two months, now, and the connection is lightning-fast, especially after some changes they made last week. My board is extremely small, but it's all I have to go by. Their customer service is excellent; they respond within a half hour max. And the yearly price - paid in advance - is a very good deal.

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