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    PHP/MySQL Work and Design

    I am looking for:

    News System/Manager
    -Front end features:
    o Date display
    o Poster name
    o Subject
    o News text
    o Uncollapse/Full Story
    o Add Comment
    o Optional: Registered users can comment
    o Extras: News Archive, Sort by Poster, Subject, Category, Search
    -Admin Panel/Settings
    o Add/Edit/Delete Posters
    o Add/Edit/Delete News
    o Edit/Delete Comments
    o Edit news layout options including date format.

    User Management System/Invision Board Total Site Integration
    -Global Access, single account:
    o Forums
    o News/Commenting
    o Downloads
    o Admin
    o Moderator
    o Registered user
    o Guest
    o Banned (Receives automatic emails)
    -Member Profile Page
    o Viewable from member list
    o Displays user’s forum avatar and custom title
    o Displays user’s activity including files downloaded, comments, posts etc
    o Edit/Updating of page by member

    Forum Template
    Extension of main design

    Main Layout Design
    o Professional
    o Gamer-Like
    o Header with Logo
    o Counter-Strike
    o Half-Life 2
    o Condition Zero
    o Starcraft
    o Starcraft: Ghost
    o Warcraft iii
    o Warcraft iiix
    o World of Warcraft
    o Affiliates
    o IRC
    o More
    -Misc Objects
    o Picture of the Day
    o Advertisements/Promotions

    Picture of the Day
    -Admin Panel
    o Add Picture with Caption
    o Edit Caption
    o Delete Picture if necessary
    o Archive
    -End User
    o CSN style Archive
    o View caption under image
    o Open in new window

    Download System/Manager
    -Admin Panel
    o Easily Add/Edit/Remove downloads
    o Log downloads
    -End User
    o Anti-Leech
    o Download Count
    o Logged in users only
    o Opens in new window, “Download will start automatically…”

    I need all of that done, but I left out a few things. Basically, for the member driven database, I want it like gotfrag com's and each user gets their own unique link that holds their information.

    I am willing to offer free advertising on my site for all of this work. I don't have much finances right now, but I may be able to throw in some cash, but not much.

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    heh, this is a $500+ project

    but good luck anyway

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    Yea, that's a lot of work, for just "advertising."

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    I agree, but I'm very open-minded. I have my own dedicated server so I could offer hosting too, and like I said, I could throw some cash in too.

    Name a price, and I'll see if I can do it or not.

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    can you contact me on msn [email protected] or AIM - 'pmsrini'
    Mail[email protected]

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    I am a designer and I can design your site VERY WELL. Please consider.

    AIM: mzakirpatel.


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