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    ev1servers virtual hosting

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    we dont have their virtual hosting, but definitely if you are looking for a stable network with somewhat good support, EV1 is the way to choose.

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    EV1 Network is solid and fast, Hardly seen any problems in the past 8 months. Excellent

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    are you a reseller of theirs or are you using their platform?

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    We use EV1 for some of our servers and i have my own personal virtual hosting account there for some small backups.

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    I had a friend who had a problem with an EV1 leased server; apparently it would not work properly with their Curl - based scripts -- some packages needed to be upgraded to work properly with Curl. EV1 support would not do the upgrade and insisted the customer do the upgrade. The upgrade was simple on the surface, but not in practice, and after several days of failed upgrade attempts my friend insisted on a refund, which then proved difficult to obtain.

    All this is just to say be sure that the versions of the different libraries on the server you intend to use there are sufficient for your application. Don't assume they have the latest version of the packages your require, or that they will help you if you need something upgraded. It's probably not in their contract.

    However, if your application works with what they have, all should be fine and I hear their more standard support responses are great.

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    Last time I had checked, their virtual servers didn't support php and mysql.

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