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    Live Help wanted? -- Working for free...

    Yea I like helping people using the live help... Anyone that has a live helper program that runs on Win32... I'm not willing to leave a web page open waiting for someone to talk to me... I dont want someone that is just starting a hosting company though. I want to have a host that actually have people...

    - PHP 5+ years
    - CPanel 4+ years
    - Unix 4+ years (limited knowledge)

    What I'll do for free:
    - I'll help users with small php problems. (not writing a whole script for them)
    - Small hosting problems will fix.
    - Normal things live chat does.

    What I'll do paid:
    - Install VB hacks
    - Install CGI/PHP software
    - Write small PHP programs

    What I ask for:
    Possibly a resellers plan. Only for testing purposes. I will not be using a lot of bandwidth or file space. I probably wont even use it. I just want it there incase I need it.

    AIM: Milfball59
    EMail: [email protected]

    First Come First Serve...

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    I won't even ask for the resllers plan until i've worked for at least 1 month...

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