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    how do i block from crawling our whois data and web site? they want $20 NOT to do this. it's not as if we asked them to.

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    Any whois service will show your data, not just Most(if not all) domain registrars have some sort of service to make your info private.

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    if it was necessary add a key image
    Like or

    the key image code is an image that cannot be read by a machine. It prevents automated programs from requesting access to information.

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    I'm not sure if their spider uses the standard robot protocols, but if so you could try something like here:

    Looking through my logs it seems it's user agent is: SurveyBot/2.3 (Whois Source)

    Also another way is to just ban it's host.

    It connected to my site through varios ips (, but the host was always - so you could just block the hostname.

    Btw, this will only stop them from crawling your site - It wont block your whois info - If you want that - do what 3cg suggested.
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