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    * alternative to

    could anyone suggest alternatives to

    preferred 100% uptime hosting (such as at

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    Hard to find a 100% most offer 99%. Good luck.

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    What exactly do you mean?

    A host that offers a 100% uptime guarantee, or one with a record of having that level of uptime?

    An uptime guarantee hardly means much, unless there is actually some incentive in place they can offer you when their servers go down. Also keep in mind that hosts don't usually include server maintainance in their claimed uptime.

    And from my experience with Site5, their uptime has been great.

    But reasonable alternatives would be FutureQuest, HostMatters, MediaTemple, and LiquidWeb. (All of them are highly reputable with excellent uptime records).

    I'm sure you can find others by reviewing some of the other posts.

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    What I mean is one that offers 100% uptime excluding maint that offers an incentive. I agree with you,
    "An uptime guarantee hardly means much, unless there is actually some incentive in place"
    If we did not offer an incentive I could easily go on our website and say 100%, but since we do offer a prorated bill we give the room of an unexpected outage of 1% downtime. Anything beyond that is compensated.

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    Definitely give a try. Extremely reliable, even more reliable support. I don't recall ever having an issue not resolved to my satisfaction with them.

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    38 - it has 99.9% uptime guarantee, or they'll return a certain amount of credits for certaim amount of downtime..

    dont know bout their services/support after u sign up but support seems great.

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    futurequest is a tad pricey, IMO

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