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    Web hosting deals make a pro out of your average Joe

    Interesting article in the Chicago Tribune today on how easy it is to get a web site up and running in 2 hours.

    And it takes about 2 hours a day for the rest of your life to maintain that web site too!

    Then when you want to move the web site what do you do!

    Any other comments on the article?
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    A web site that you get up and running in 5 minutes, 2 hours, or anything less than a few days isn't going to be that interesting to a visitor.

    I can't read the article because it requires a login, want to quote the good parts?
    A Collection of Web Hosts
    Small biographies on hosts, uptime reports and some reviews
    Feel free to add your review or add a host that isn't on the list.

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    Heres the websites and tools discussed.

    Homestead is far from the only operation offering low-priced Web hosting complete with hand-holding. Even Chicago-based Hostway Corp., which provides sites for a global base of big companies, midsize outfits and ordinary consumers like this writer, now offers an optional Web-based Site Clerk to simplify creation.

    Yahoo also offers a version of Site Builder, as do many others. A Google search with Site Builder as a key word will show the scope of this race to make opening a hobby or e-commerce Web site as easy as and much cheaper than renting a strip mall storefront.

    Back when Site Builder started, a lot of folks were raking in thousands--if not hundreds of thousands of dollars--creating Web sites for companies and wealthy institutions as the Internet boom turned out those irritating hordes of garage-based Web millionaires.

    These savvy folks wanted site building to seem impossibly difficult. So they encouraged the widespread myth that to create a Web presence one needed to be a hyperkinetic Diet Pepsi-swilling, pizza-breath, acne-challenged geek genius with taped eyeglasses, a pocket protector and an IQ to match grandpa's cholesterol reading.

    Bottom line - cheap web hosting and web designers are charging way too much.
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