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    Domain Pricing


    I wanted to ask all of you.. I have a spare domain and I would like to know, for how much should i sell the domain name (just the domain name) '''' ? I think it is a very good domain with potential. I need help on this, I am willing to sell it.

    Thank you,
    Carlos Machuca


    I forgot to tell it is registered at and expires in 2005.
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    Even though its in the wrong forum.... I would like to warn you that people over rate there domains alot. You should know if you tried to sell it on this forum in the domain advertising forum.... It might not sell at all or you might get an offer of about $10 - $40 the most..... I would say its worth the registration fee... As a similar domain could be snaped up n registration and due to, too many domains devoted to design (over crowded)... Concider other opions too..

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