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    Please rate the new layout of the site and tell me what you think of the site overall, thanks.

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    If you really would like a frank answer, I feel that it does not look good. I don't mean that you did not spend effort on it but it does not bring out anything. It didn't reflect well that it is an art designer site.

    Font is one thing you might want to improve on because the size is abit small. As small as the small prints that we usually see.

    Colour is also a point i think you might want to consider. I don't feel attracted in the first sight which should not be the case for a designer site?

    if you can integrate your tables and forms better, it will look cool. lke using pictures for your buttons and etc.

    Just my personal opinion. Hope no offence but that's what I would expect from a designer's site if i want to patronise them.


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    Yea. Great Site and All.

    Just I dont like the Colors, I got the Feel for a Science Kinda Hosting COmpany, And I was in the Water.

    ALso, as acidbase base said, a better first sight would help alot, and Pictures.


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    I'll do alot of what you guys said, not switch the colors because personally I like those but I'll enlarge the font and try to make it look more like a design company

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    ... any other rates before I fix everything?

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