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    * I am searching for a domain reseller package


    I am searching for a domain reseller package with following features:

    * frontend with real time domain registration and update/kk/register/.. -possibilities.

    Basically we are a webdesign company and wonīt have too many domain names registered per month. We simply switched recently from pure webdesign to one-stop-shop including webdesign, some minor hosting and want to offer now domain name registration as well.

    We are currently holding somewhere around 20 or 30 domains for our clients and would probably register 0-10 domains per month (dependant on how many webpages are done each month).

    One main thing would be that we are from Austria and almost all of the domains would be primarily .at domains and probably secondarily a .cno domain as an addon. But the main point for us would be that the registrar would offer .at TLDs at a reasonable price. As mentioned before we got some minor webhosting going as well recently and therefor do have our own nameservers, but problem there is that they are both in the same class C network (which is a problem to some registrars). So basically that should not be a problem, since we canīt switch nameservers, since they are coordinated with our hosting servers.

    Thx in advance for your offers, best regards, pyro

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    339 is worth looking at
    i think they do ccTLD's too

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    ja they do have .at domains but at a price of 71 $ per year... thatīs not really too little

    thx for the input

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    $71?! bloody hell
    maybe not them then...

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    I'm not sure if they do .at domains, but check out
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    thx for the tip, but could not find .at domain at enom...and since .de domains are already at 30 bucks at enom I guess .at should be at around 100 bucks (normally .at are at least 3 times as expensive as .de domains).

    Thx for the input

    @robdavy, yep maybe

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    Have a look at You can get many facilities there.

    More info on their forum

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    thx for the input I wrote an email to directi -> they donīt offer .at domains, allthough I gotta say they seem to have cool support (had an answer within very little hours).

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