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    Exclamation Please Review


    I just upload our new web site for hosting service please review this if any buddy have some time and say some + and - about it.

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    Hey, nice looking site. Well done, but ...

    On your main page, I think it would look better without the gaps above and below the header. And your logo does not stand out agains the grey back ground. How about giving it a white background and tie it to the rest of the page.

    Your Domain Name page is a copy of the main page. I think you should give it a distinct page of its own.

    The right side panel is narrower in the Reseller Hosting page than the Web Hosting and Dedicated Server pages. I see that it was because of your tables there. Either shave some space off the table to allow for a wider right side panel or make the other two's narrower to maintain consistancy.

    In addition, several of your pages don't have the right side panel. And when you go to them, it's shocking/confusing because the menu that got you there is suddenly gone.

    Several pages have that nice big font title heading, while some don't. I like the heading. Use medium sized fonts for titles for sub category pages.

    You've got a broken picture link in the "valuewindows.htm" page.

    In your "silverxxx.htm" pages, you need to give some right side padding so the boxes aren't so close to the right side panel.
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