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    who to contract for a design?

    Hi, I have grown tired of my old rusty design that probably turns some clients away with it's nonimpressive UI and basic site navigation not to mention the copy isn't much to look at .

    So, who should I go to? ceonex is exponentially beyond my budget, So let's stick with someone near or under $1000 hehe.

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    Check feedback ratings. Don't go with anyone unless they can provide examples of their work.

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    I don't need a programmer, I code my own stuff... I need a designer.
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    did you even look at the link?


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    I did, and from the looks of it, its for coders.. But, I didn't go through the whole site so, Its highly possible that im wrong
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    Trust me. Look through the whole site. It's not just for coders.


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    i feel that there are many good designers in this forum. Do a search and browse through their portfolio. Many might give recommendation but only you will know what you are really looking for.

    You can post your request on the advertisement forum and request for portfolios. As such, you will have a better list of those who are interested. You can also be able to narrow down on what you specifically want.

    One point to take note: Speak to the designer and make sure you feel comfortable with him because communication is the most important part to convey your idea into his design.

    Go through a check on his background (search his post in the forum) to see if he is the one you are looking for.

    This might mean alot of work but only this will give you the right choice.

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    Don't forget about the 'Employment Offers and Requests' forum here:

    You could always post the job you want completed there.

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    Both and the "Offers" section of WHT are great resources for what you are looking for.

    And as alogic mentions, RAC is NOT just for coders but you can also find some very talented designers there too. - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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