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    Large Website For Sale!
    The message board has about 600 members and is run on vBulletin 3.0 Rc2, the website has over 400 psds for download, all of them made by the staff of the site - this is a non-profit site but I'm sure it could generate lots of revenue if ads were placed. - The main reason I'm selling is because I've opened another site and don't have time to run both, the forums could grow to be very large if run by the right people, I didn't have time to administer them myself.

    What you get:
    vBulletin Owned License (Members Area expires 28th Nov 2004)
    All members & posts...etc: Members: 596
    Threads: 786
    Posts: 4,519
    400+ PSDs already on the site and about 400 more for you to update the site with in the future!

    I was hoping to get around 1000$ for this site due to the amount of hours put into making all those psds, I'll keep the site if I don't get an offer high enough. PM any reasonable offers to me, also PM any questions you might have.

    edit: and fyi, the host is upgrading something so some people will see the posts a little outdated

    Ashraf Abed

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    no, I'm Illusionz on those forums

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    Will you sell it without the PSDs?

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    possibly, if I don't get a good offer for it with the psds then I'll sell it without them, you can pm me an offer for it without psds if you want.

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    Very nice looking site there, seems to me a great community, I have sent you a PM.

    New Shared & VPS Offerings Coming Soon!

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    I still haven't received a good enough offer - so its still for sale
    and I'll sell the forums alone if wanted - pm me with an offer

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    I'm getting a 404

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    Ack! Me too... - the Social Internet Toolbox.

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    works for meh1

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    it was a problem with the host - part of the reason I want to sell it, so someone can move it to a better host and help the site grow bigger than it already is

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