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    What news script?

    Does anybody know what type of news script this site is using or how if I can find someone to make one like that? Site:

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    What exactly do you mean, the news on the right hand side? it's just an RSS feed, many large sites offer feeds of their news, not sure about gaming news, try google for "gaming rss feed" or something.

    Then you'll need a parser to display the articles, again google will help you, depending on the site you get the feed from, there's probally already several around that'll work for you.

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    Ya, I mean their news on the right hand side. I'm going to have something like exactly like that for my site. Where the right hand section shows the titles of the news articles, then when you click on it, it brings you to the full article. Although, I have no clue of how to set it up.

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    Now, this solution is only for using the news for your site, from your site. Loon described it best if you are using an exterior source for your information.

    I'm thinking this site does not use that type of technology(a feed). I am assuming it's not a feed because it was submitted by someone from the site. Instead, it looks simply like an article submission script, and then displays a constructed page off of the used scripting language.

    hotscript should have a script for this...pretty basic php and mysql, as long as you know file manipulation.

    Run a search for 'news script' and 'php' or, if you want perl, input that instead of php.(I only said PHP or Perl because of their wide use)

    Have a good one!

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    I am going to have to say that anyone who hasn't messed with a news script before should try out cutenews. Correct me if I am wrong

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    I have cutenews and I like it. In fact I think I may know how to make cutenews do that type of thing that's on I can make cutenews show the latest headlines in the right corner, and then when you click on them you'll be taken to the full story. Then when you click on "more news" at the bottom of the headlines it'll take you to the list of short stories with links to the full stories. I guess that should work. Going to be a pain in the butt to do though.

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    Yes; but you'll eventually get it done and then realize that it was probably worth it. I haven't really touched a site in awhile therefore I haven't messed with cutenews modding recently. Too busy trying to learn about hosting

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