Hi guys, I am just asking around for a friend regarding some server specifications and companies that can offer such specifications and help.

Here is the situation:

This friend hosts a large website that allows for free IB Forums; it has a database (MySQL) of 3 – 4GB in size (www. Ipbfree.com)
It also has another forum on it, by the name of www.rapidgaming.com

The system tends to crash 2 times a day, if not more and therefore requires a reboot, following are the current system specifications:

Pentium 4 3.06
1024 DDR RAM
80GB HDD – 7200 RPM

Bandwidth usage around 700GB – 1000GB

IT has just crashed so he rebooted it, and memory usage went straight up to 52% http://www.ipbfree.com/sysinfo/

The IO is usually around 70% and above – I am guessing this is something to do with RAM and Hard Drive usage.

He is looking for a solution which will stop the crashes and I suggested something like the following:

Either keeps his current server but only has PHP and the HTML on the server (And possibly MAIL) and gets another server with SCSI hard drives (10K – 15K RPM) and has this for Database, possible of the same server specifications as that of the Pentium 3.06

Creating a VLAN or something allowing for communication.

Or go for a setup such as a Dual Opteron , or Dual Xeon with 2GB + of RAM (DDR400 Dual Channel) and SCSI drives, one for the system and web sites, one for database and one for general backup.

Now I haven’t gone into too much detail, but what would people suggest for such a situation, he has about $350 (NO MORE) to spend monthly?